It is strongly felt that Gandhian ideas are more relevant during these troubled times of global terror, the divided humanity tormented by conflicts of identity, and erosion of values that bind people for common good. The Center for Gandhian Studies (CGS) is established with the explicit purpose of promoting Gandhian thought through teaching and research in the context of current socio-political, economic and educational concerns. Translation of Gandhian ideas into policy guidelines are required to reorient the rural sector. Gandhian ideas of governance, decentralization and localization have great relevance to check the impact of globalization in the areas of exploitation and dehumanization. This involves revitalization of local communities to enable individuals to consciously and intelligently participate in conjoint activities and gain.


The centre is established with the following objectives:

1. To undertake research projects on Gandhian philosophy in the context of contemporary socio, political, economic and educational concerns.

2. To examine the relevance of Gandhian philosophy to resolve conflicts and maintain peace in the present context of naxalism and international terrorism.